How Technology Helps Improve Safety (and even Efficiency)!

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Technology is increasingly present in work zones - for both the public and workers themselves. One example is the emergence of smart work zones, where sensors and other devices communicate with each other to provide more accurate and timely data for traffic management. Overhead message boards communicate with drivers about accidents or delays ahead. Portable rumble

Bringing Work Zone Compliance into the Future

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What methods are you currently using to ensure ALL your work zones are compliant with safety and design requirements on a regular basis? Does your safety supervisor, or an experienced technician, go to different sites and audit the device locations and the general layout manually based on his experience? Does he also fill out a

Work Zone Compliance Made Easy

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Remember John from our earlier blog? He has been supervising work zone crews for the last several years. In addition to finding out the right location of the first warning sign, another huge challenge that John faces in his day-to-day tasks is ensuring that his crew members can implement the work zone layouts on site

Is Vision Zero Possible for Work Zones?

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Have you ever heard of Vision Zero? Unfortunately, many key stakeholders in the transportation industry are still unaware of the sweeping international movement striving to dramatically improve traffic health and safety for everyone. First implemented in Sweden in the 1990s, Vision Zero policies have been introduced to Canada, India, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and

Automagical Design!

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John has been in the construction industry for the last several years and has been involved in setting up temporary traffic control for construction activities on highways and roadways. Initially, he was one of the crew members of a large company in Maryland but now he has advanced to become a supervisor and manage several crews