Remember John from our earlier blog? He has been supervising work zone crews for the last several years. In addition to finding out the right location of the first warning sign, another huge challenge that John faces in his day-to-day tasks is ensuring that his crew members can implement the work zone layouts on site in compliance with regulations. Due to the varying skill levels of his workers, it is usually very hard for him to ensure that ALL the signs and cones are placed at the right locations in his work zones. Moreover, he has the added concern of making sure that his work zones remain compliant even when he is not present on the work sites himself.

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For John and his company, ConeIQ was the most optimal tool to resolve all of these issues. The biggest relief John and his company have gotten is the ability to confirm the Work Zone compliance and safety requirements after a crew has finished setting up a closure. ConeIQ’s GPS recording of the onsite traffic devices provided John the capability of viewing the actual warning signs and other devices on Google Maps WITH their distances and compliance information. Now, he does not need to drive to every MOT setup to verify their correct locations; rather, he can view all his sites with all compliance details anywhere on any computer device. He can now even share the final report of the digital recording of the traffic devices of all his sites with his company’s management, which retain these reports, to avoid legal action in case of any incident.

These recordings are also an essential resource for him to further train his crew members with real-world site situations and actual MOT setups. On the ConeIQ platform, John could actually lay out a lane closure or other designs on Google Street View and virtually drive through it. This helped him even more whenever his crew was anxious of setting up a work zone in an unfamiliar area.

What are the top three biggest challenges you or your site crew are facing when trying to meet work zone compliance guidelines?