What methods are you currently using to ensure ALL your work zones are compliant with safety and design requirements on a regular basis? Does your safety supervisor, or an experienced technician, go to different sites and audit the device locations and the general layout manually based on his experience? Does he also fill out a traditional paper form to document his observations with some pictures? Chances are that one supervisor can not cover all sites and not even take objective measurements nor any digital record of device locations for future retrieval purposes.

What if there was an easier way to audit every site to verify that a work zone was set up correctly per all requirements without even visiting the site?

ConeIQ is an industry leader which is modernizing the way work zones are inspected and audited to improve the overall safety and compliance. With ConeIQ’s Inspection and Compliance module, you can audit every site for the location, quantity, and the correct equipment with a digital record. It not only provides an audit of ALL work zones but also proactively alerts the site crew and their supervisor in real-time in case of an issue so that corrective action can be taken to fix the non-compliant items.

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For example, on a particular site, crew members would record the GPS coordinates of onsite traffic control devices by capturing images of these devices. Once they do this, the actual work zone layout can be viewed on an online map. At this point, more benefits also open up for you:

1.   Equipment Compliance – the system will automatically generate a report to verify the distance, quantity, and the correct equipment information with respect to the applicable design requirements.

2.  Time Compliance – the system will also inform and record the actual work zone set up and removal times with respect to the allowed time zone.

3.  Alerts – the system will send you a notification whenever a work zone setup deviates from requirements on ConeIQ’s 24/7 online dashboard and through email/texts so corrective actions can be taken quickly.  Don’t just get informed, our system will also tell you how to fix your work zone to make it compliant!

4.  Automatically Generated Reports – the system will generate automatic time-stamped work zone reports for post work zones review, training, and potential sharing with 3rd party public and private entities.

ConeIQ removes the need to visit every site and inspect every traffic device manually to ensure compliance. Take back the peace of mind with the ability to digitally check the status of ALL your work zones without physically visiting the sites.

At ConeIQ, we believe that compliance means safety. The more compliant your work zone is, the safer it is. Improve site safety and design compliance of all your work zones with ConeIQ’s state-of-the-art web application! Request a free demo today: https://www.coneiqtrack.com/request-demo/