A long time ago (the early 1970s), people were just starting to adopt technology in their day-to-day lives. Computers and cell phones were limited to very basic features and emails could only be sent to individuals on the same internal network as the sender. In short, choices were extremely limited and features such as “interactivity” and  “customization” were really not anywhere to be found.

Now fast forward to the early 2000s. Cell phones and computers now come with numerous applications and have hundreds of different customizable features. No longer are people restricted to the default factory settings that come with their technology – they can interact with their device and change it to best suit themselves and their individual needs.

Why should the design and the implementation of work zones be stuck 50 years in the past?

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All professionals and associated workers in the traffic safety industry know well how challenging it is to design and implement the work zones which are not only safe and compliant but also simple and safe to place on site.  Currently, static and lifeless drawings are used to design the work zones, which take long hours to complete and get approved but do not provide any tool to the user to make any customized changes for any changed site conditions or situations.  Mostly site crews are left to make their own call using their best judgement for such decisions without any proper trackable record. This situation increases the liability of the contractors and jeopardizes the safety of everyone involved including motorists and the public. With ConeIQ, you can bring work zone into the 21st century.

ConeIQ has revolutionized the design and implementation of the work zones.  ConeIQ not only  expedites the design layout (in seconds) for your work zones but also helps your site team to navigate to place the signs exactly on the right design locations.  Dealing with changed site conditions or new instructions from the client?  no problem – ConeIQ provides tools and options to customize the design layout in seconds and then share it with any relevant party for approval or information only. Once the work zone is implemented on site then use ConeIQ to view the digital report on Google Map from anywhere for the compliance verification with the design requirements.

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Say goodbye to spending long hours to create traffic plans and going through long lists of paper checklists  to ensure that you’re meeting all of the complex and lengthy work zone safety requirements. ConeIQ offers a single web platform that can be used to plan, design, share, and record work zone design and safety requirements.

You can automatically design work zones by just clicking the work location on Google Maps and selecting the pertinent design .  If needed, use a simple drag-and-drop interface to adjust for site conditions, zoom in and out of the map, show/hide sign labels,, get live directions to the exact location of a sign, and MUCH more. Use ConeIQ to unlock the power of customization with work zone design and implementation with safety and efficiency..

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